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We are into summer, which means warm weather and vacations. Many of us take our pets with us on vacation so it is important to be prepared. Here are some tips regarding traveling with your pet:

Microchip – Have your pet microchipped. The summer months have the highest incidence of lost pets. Having your pet microchipped helps to ensure that when your pet is found, he or she will be returned to you. At New Berlin Animal Hospital, we can microchip your pet while you wait. Also, if your pet is microchipped, make sure you have the number registered with your current name and address. Contact the manufacturer of your pet’s microchip or give our office a call and we can help.

Many but not all hotels and motels accept pets. Call the places that you will stay and make sure that they accept pets.

When traveling in a car, bring plenty of water along. Pets get thirsty especially if they are laying on the seat on the sunny side of the car. If your pet gets car sick, call our office for information about medications that can be dispensed to help with car sickness.

Flea and Heartworm protection is critical when traveling with dogs and cats (if the cats will be outside). Make sure your pet is covered with Frontline and Heartgard. If you have questions, just give our office a call.

Lyme vaccination is important if you travel to areas of Wisconsin or other parts of the country where Lyme disease can occur.

Air travel provides a unique situation for pets. It is important to plan way ahead if you are traveling with your pet on the airplane, whether if your pet is in the cabin with you or in the animal holding area of the plan. Air travel requires a health exam and a health certificate from the USDA and signed by a USDA approved veterinarian. All of our doctors are USDA approved and can provide this service for you. It is important to note that the vaccination requirements are dependent upon the State or Country that you are traveling to. For foreign countries, many times vaccines must be given within 6 months but not too soon before traveling. You can give our hospital a call and we can help you with what you need to know when travelinging by air with your pet. Another great resource can be found at:

Air Travel with Your Pets

If you have any questions about traveling with your pet, please give our office a call at: 262.782.6910

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